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As you know, music plays an extremely important role in any successful event whether it is a party, wedding, or corporate function. The music should appeal to all ages and the band must be adept, reliable, and professional so that your affair is completely carefree and successful.

All members of South Broadway Rhythm have been renowned for expertise in the musical field since 1974. They offer a musical repertoire that audiences of all ages can enjoy: contemporary dance, pop, and rock hits, as well as classics from the 40ís through the 80ís.

About SBR

South Broadway Rhythm consists of seven musicians who love to sing and play music with energy and conviction. The band features players who have performed with nationally known recording artists. Various members have written, recorded and performed songs for Broadway theater productions, television and radio commercials, releases on major record labels, and a current national contemporary jazz disc. With a history of consistently compelling performances, South Broadway Rhythm brings all of its musical experience and entertainment refinement to your event every time!

DJ Service

Additional DJ service is now also available for providing continuous music throughout the evening with all of your contemporary favorites.

Contacting Info

For a performance schedule and booking information, please email us at

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